Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Talk Series


Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Talk Series

  • Dr. Glen Whitehead, Visual and Performing Arts

    “New Sonic Ecologies: Environmental Improvisation in an Age of Climate Crisis”

  • Dr. Tara Robins, Department of Anthropology

    “Parasite Infection and Immune System Development: Exploring Relationships Between Economic Development, Climate Change and Human Health”

  • Dr. Christina Jimenez, Department of History

    “A city of Ambulantes: Itinerant Urban Workers and Municipal Registries in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1880-1940”

  • Dr. Farida Khan, Department of Economics

    "Development and Change among Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh’"

  • Dr. Eshe Lewis 

    "A Displaced People: Contemporary Insights on Afro-descendant Identity in Peru"

  • Dr. George Cheney, Department of Communication

    “The International Cooperative Movement: Lessons from its Recent History and Prospects for Grassroots Economic Democratization”