Faculty Affiliates


Faculty Affiliates

Any UCCS faculty member engaged in relevant global intercultural scholarship is welcome to become an affiliate. Affiliates are expected to promote the culture that is necessary to facilitate the highest level of global intercultural-related scholarship at UCCS. Affiliates are also expected to encourage partnerships with representatives of global intercultural communities, enhance UCCS visibility in global intercultural research, and mobilize external resources. To become a Faculty Research Affiliate, send an email request, along with a copy of a current curriculum vitae, to the GLINT Director (cgibbes@uccs.edu).


  • Department of Anthropology, Yale


  • Lecturer, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

    acassida@uccs.edu   |  COLU 327
            M.A., University of Colorado Colorado Springs
            B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University 
    Area of Interest: International Affairs, Urban water access 

  • Professor of Communication

    gcheney@uccs.edu |  719-255-4337 |  ACAD 530
            Ph.D., Purdue University (Communication)
            M.A., Purdue University (Communication)
            B.A., Purdue University (Communication)
    Area of Interest:  organizational identity, professional ethics, workplace democracy, quality of work life, globalization, human rights, peace, and sustainability.

  • Assistant Professor, Department of History

    schrist3@uccs.edu  |  COLU 2049
            Ph.D., Northeastern University, Boston
            M.A., Northeastern University, Boston
            B.A., University of Colorado Colorado Springs  
    Area of Interest: Modern south Asia, Global Sixties, Global South Political and Urban History, Sub-Saharan Africa, Gender and Identity. 

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

    mchurch@uccs.edu  |  719-255-3064 |  CENT 124
            Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
            M.A., University of Pennsylvania
            B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder
    Area of Interest: Belize, Central America, and U.S.-Mexico borderlands, focusing on archaeology of parenting and childhood.

  • Professor of Sociology

    mcompani@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4141  |  ACAD 425
            Ph.D., University of Arizona 
            M.A., University of Arizona
            B.A., University of Massachusetts 
    Area of Interest: Cultural Survival

  • Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Languages and Cultures

    ecota@uccs.edu |  719-255-3817 |  DW 247E
            Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
            M.A., San Diego State University 
            B.A., San Diego State University 
    Area of Interest:  Cultural and Literary Studies, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, and Latin America


  • Assistant Professor of Geography

    tdao@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4025|  COLU 2035
            Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
            M.Sc., University of Calgary, Canada
            B.E., University of New South Wales, Australia
    Area of Interest: GIScience, Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Spatial Big Data Analytics

  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    mdorne@uccs.edu  |  719-255-5166 |  CENT 118
           Ph.D., University of Nevada 
            M.A., California State University
            B.A., University of California  
    Area of Interest: Human Behavioral Ecology; The Philippines 


  • Assistant Professor of Operations Management, College of Business and Administration

    yfan@uccs.edu  |  719-255-5166 |  DWIR 228
            Ph.D., Richard Ivey School of Business 
            M.A., Beijing Jiaotong University
            B.A., Beijing Jiaotong University
    Area of Interest: Impact of Culture on Business Operations


  • Instructor of Marketing, College of Business

    jgalle12@uccs.edu  |  719 255 3741 |  DWIRE 306
            PsyD., University of the Rockies.
            Master´s of International Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management.
            B.A., Central Michigan University 
    Area of Interest: Organizational Development, Sales & Marketing, Cross-Cultural Negotiations. 

  • Assistant Professor, Psychology Department

    bgavett@uccs.edu  |  719 255 4135 |  COLU 4047
            Ph.D., University of Albany, State University of New York
            B.A., SUNY College at Geneseo  
    Area of Interest: Advanced Psychometrics, neuropsychological test validity, differential diagnosis, and clinical decision-making. 

  • Associate Professor and Chair

    pgorder@uccs.edu  |  (719)255-3168 |  OCSE A439
    Area of Interest: Dynamic systems and control, Aerospace vehicle dynamics, Engineering design

  • Director of the Colorado Center for Policy Studies/Professor of Economics

    dgreenwo@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4031 |  ACAD 205
            Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
            M.A., University of Houston
            B.A., Northern Illinois University  
    Area of Interest: Ecological Economics; Quality of Life


  • Director, International Affairs

    mhansen2@uccs.edu  |  719-255-7528 |  Copper House 9202
            Ed.D., Northern Arizona University.
            M.A., Alfred University.
            B.A., University of Pittsburgh. 
    Area of Interest: International student mobility, women and leadership, strategic international enrollment management, and international student engagement. 

  • Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies

    jharner@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4054 |  COLU 2013
            Ed.D., Arizona State University
            M.A., Arizona State University
            B.A., The Pennsylvania State University
    Area of Interest: Urban and Cultural Geography, Mexico, GIS

  • Assistant Professor

    dharri14@uccs.edu | (719)  255-3016 |  Columbine Hall, rm. 2033

    • PhD, Geography, Clark University, 2020
    • MSc, Geography: Environment & Development, The London School of Economics, 2014
    • BA, Political Science & Religious Studies, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2012

    Area of Interest: Nature-Society Relations, Climate Change, Political Ecology, Storytelling, Environmental / Climate Justice, Cultural Geography, Experimental Research Methods, Critical Physical Geography, Environmental Humanities, Environmental Philosophy, Critical Theory

  • Assistant Professor in the College of Business in Marketing/Sport Management

    sharris2@uccs.edu |  719-255-4310 |  DWIR 313B
            Ph.D., Loughborough University
            M.A., University of Gloucestershire
            B.A.,  University of North London   
    Area of Interest: Sport Governance and Sport Policy; Sports Marketing; International Sport for Development and Peace 

  • Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies

    dhavlick@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4906 |  COLU 2015
            Ph.D., University of North Carolina
            M.S., University of Montana
            A.B., Darthmouth College  
    Area of Interest: Militarized Landscapes; Environmental Restoration; Germany

  • Director/Professor of Women's and Ethnic Studies (WEST)

    aherrera@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4001 |  ACAD 426
            Ph.D., University of Delaware
            M.A., West Chester University  
            B.A., Saint Joseph's University
    Area of Interest: Hispanic Literature and Culture

  • Director, Excel Languages Center (LC)

    sho@uccs.edu  |  719-255-3691 |  Copper House 9202
            Ed.D., University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
            M.A., University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
            B.A., University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
    Area of Interest: Communication, Leadership, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Educational Leadership, Research, and Policy.

  • Professor and Department Chair of Geography and Environmental Studies

    cholder@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4097 |  COLU 2037
            Ph.D., Clark University
            M.A., University of Georgia
            B.A., Clark University   
    Area of Interest: Ecohydrology; Biogeography; Human-Environment Interactions; Latin America


  • Associate Professor of History

    cjimenez@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4021 |  AOB 206
            Ph.D., University of California
            M.A., University of California
            B.A., Georgetown University   
    Area of Interest: Latin America/Chicano History


  • Chair and Associate Professor of Economics

    fkhan@uccs.edu |  719-255-4063 |  COLU 1058
            Ph.D., University of Maryland
            M.S., Northeastern University
            B.B.A., Georgia College and State University  
    Area of Interest: International trade policy, numerical general equilibrium models, economic development in South Asia

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

    jkling@uccs.edu  |  COLU Third Floor
            Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
            M.A., University of Colorado-Boulder.
            B.A., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
    Area of Interest: Social and Political Philosophy, Normative and Applied Ethics, Feminism, Medieval Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Race.

  • Lecturer of Geography and Environmental Studies

    ikopteva@uccs.edu |  719-255-4063 |  COLU 1058
            Ph.D., Saint Petersburg State University
            M.S., Saint Petersburg State University 
    Area of Interest: Atmosphere Circulation and Its Impacts on a Global Scale

  • Assistant Professor & BACJ Director, School of Public Affairs

    akoslosk@uccs.edu  | (719) 255-4044 |  ACAD 308
            Ph.D., Iowa State University.
            M.S., Iowa State University.
            B.A., University of Minnesota, Morris.
    Area of Interest: Intersections of gender, class, race and crime, Corrections and Mental Health (antisocial behavior, program evaluation, and policy intervention), Human Trafficking (perspectives, demand, responses to, and intersections of race, class, gender), Teaching and Learning.


  • Assistant Professor of School of Public Affairs

    mlandonm@uccs.edu |  719-255-4185 |  ACAD 312
            Ph.D., University of Albany
            M.A., University of Pittsburgh
            B.A., University of Buffalo 
    Area of Interest: Homeland Security; Security Education

  • Professor of Department of English

    rlaroche@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4035 |  COLU 1051
            Ph.D., Yale University 
            B.A., Bates College 
    Area of Interest: Historical Recipes from Germany, England, Canada, and US

  • Lecturer in the College of Business

    dlee4@uccs.edu  |  719-964-4607 |  DWIR 102

  • Instructor in the Department of Philosophy

    clewis5@uccs.edu  |  COLU 4055
            M.Phil., University of Hong Kong 
            B.A., Duke University 
    Area of Interest: Chinese philosophy, moral education, moral psychology, ethics (broadly construed), philosophy of biology, applied philosophy

  • Public Anthropology Fellow, Sapiens Magazine


  • Professor and Chair of Visual and Performing Arts

    smacaula@uccs.edu  |  719-255-3865 |  COLU 2001
            Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
            M.A., University of Colorado
            B.A., University of Minnesota
    Area of Interest: Art History and Folklore

  • Associate Professor of English

    kmack@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4045 |  COLU 1043
            Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
            M.A., University of California, Irvine
            B.A., Columbia University
    Area of Interest: Cultural Rhetorics of Contemporary South Africa

  • Assistant Professor of History

    rmartin8@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4070 |  COLU 2053
            Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
            M.P.P., University of California-Berkeley
            B.A., University of Texas at Austin
    Area of Interest: Jews, Catholics, and Converses in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain and the Americas; Late Modern Europe

  • Assistant Professor, Advising: Literature and Education Options

    smehta2@uccs.edu  | (719) 255-4006 |  COLU 1045

  • Department Chair, Associate Professor with Tenure, Leadership, Research, and Foundations (LRF) College of Education

    sylvia.martinez@uccs.edu  |  719-255-3476 |  COLU 3057
            Ph.D., University of Kansas
            M.S., Colorado State University
            B.A., Washington State University 
    Area of Interest: Study Abroad Programs

  • Associate Professor of Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences

    nmeyer2@uccs.edu |  719-255-3760 |  UHAL 308
            Ph.D., University of Utah
            M.S., Arizona State University
            B.S.,  University of Wyoming
    Area of Interest: Food Systems; Health; Sustainability

  • Assistant Professor, College of Education

    rmitchel@uccs.edu  | (719) 255-3405 |  COLU 1045
            Ph.D., Global Education The Ohio State University.
            M.A., History Northeastern University.
            B.S., Journalism University of Colorado Boulder.
    Area of Interest: Middle Eastern education, Rural Education, State-level education policy.

  • Associate Professor of Sociology

    jmontezd@uccs.edu |  719-255-4138 |  ACAD 431
            Ph.D., University of Southern California
            M.A., New York University
            B.A.,  University of California at Berkeley
    Area of Interest: Social Theory; Social Inequalities; Urban Food Security; Film and Media Studies; American Indian Boarding Schools


  • Assistant Research Professor, Central State University

            Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
            M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
            B.S. University of Florida


  • Executive Director of School of Public Affairs- Center for Human Security (CHS)

    srecca2@uccs.edu  |  719-640-4346 |  ACAD 321
            M.A., Naval Postgraduate School and University of Zurich
            B.S., U.S. Naval Academy
    Area of Interest: Intelligence and International Security Policy

  • Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

    jrigler@uccs.edu  |  719-255-5144|  UHAL 232
            Ph.D.,  University of California at San Diego
            M.A., University of California at San Diego
            B.M., Northwestern University 
    Area of Interest: Improvisation, Composition, Flute

  • Assistant Professor, Anthropology

    trobins3@uccs.edu |  719-255-3125 |  CENT 120
            Ph.D., University of Oregon
            MSc., University of Oregon
            BA, Marquette University 
    Area of Interest: Hygiene Hypothesis, Disappearing Microbiota Hypothesis, Evolutionary Medicine


  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy

    jscholes@uccs.edu |  719-255-4090 |  COLU 4057
            Ph.D., University of Denver
            M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary
            B.A., Baylor University
    Area of Interest: Religion, Theology, and Popular Culture

  • Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training in Psychology

    dsegal@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4176 |  COLU 4015
            Ph.D., University of Miami
            B.S., Tulane University
    Area of Interest: Mental Health and Aging

  • Instructor of English/ Lecturer of Geography and Environmental Studies

    msiebert@uccs.edu |  COLU 1036
            M.A., University of Colorado Colorado Springs
            B.A., University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    Area of Interest: Critical Geopolitics and Radical Geography/ Ecocomposition and Place-Based Literature

  • Professor of Computer Science

    ssemwal@uccs.edu  |  (719) 255-3545 |  ENGR 180
            Ph.D., University of Central Florida
            M.S., University of Alberta
            B.E., University of Roorkee, India.
    Area of Interest: computer graphics, wearable computing and virtual reality, computer-human interaction, medical applications, human animation and avatars, and volume Rendering and Visualization, Realistic Images, Ray Tracing, computational geometry

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology

    hsmith3@uccs.edu |  719-255-3128 |  ACAD 415
            Ph.D., Arizona State University 
            M.S., Arizona State University
            B.S., Texas Christian University  
    Area of Interest: Youth Homelessness, Violence Against Girls and Women; The Role of Race/Ethnicity and Gender in Juvenile Court Processes; The Sociology of Drugs; Deviance.

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

    ksmith5@uccs.edu |  719-255-3555 |  CENT 126
            Ph.D., University of Chicago
            M.A., University of Chicago
            A.B., Princeton University  
    Area of Interest: Archaeology and Applied Anthropology in Ecuador and Peru

  • Instructor-Bachelor of Innovation/Co-Director of BI Program College of Business

    cstiles@uccs.edu    |  719-255-5180 |  ULR 104
            Ph.D., University of Colorado Colorado Springs
            M.A., Wake Forest University 
            B.A., University of Minnesota
    Area of Interest: Collaborations with Education, Corporate, and Nonprofit Sectors with Leadership Teams and Business

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

    ssuh@uccs.edu  | 719) 255-4127 |  ACAD 416
            Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Sociology.
            M.A., University of Minnesota, Sociology.
            B.A., University of California – San Diego.
    Area of Interest: Intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, migration, and identity, especially in relation to Asian Americans and the Korean diaspora.

  • Research Assistant Professor of Natural Product, Central State University

    Areas of Interest: Genetics and Biochemistry of Cannabis Use


  • Assistant Professor

    ntapiafu@uccs.edu | 719-255-5941 | COLU 3043


    • Ph.D. in Higher Education, University of North Texas, 2020
    • Graduate Certificate in Community College Leadership, University of North Texas, 2020
    • M.Ed. in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Texas State University, 2013
    • Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Studies (Concentration: Social Justice), University of New Orleans, 2010
  • Assistant Professor Research, Geography and Environmental Studies, Adjoint Coordinator Colorado Geographic Alliance

    rtheobal@uccs.edu  |  719-255-5217 |  COLU 2024
            Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
            M.A., University of Colorado Boulder
            B.A., Middlebury College  
    Area of Interest: Global Systems of Education

  • Assistant Professor, WEST

    jtorre14@uccs.edu | (719) 255-5147 |  ACAD 408

    • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Anthropology
    • M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Anthropology and Education
    • B.A., Villanova University, English


  • Assistant Professor

    ntuaone@uccs.edu |   (719) 255-4117 |  ACAD 409

    • Ph.D., British and American Literature, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2020
    • M.A. English Literature, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 2012 Certificate, Women’s Studies
    • Honors B.S. Gender Studies, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2006 Minor, Philosophy


  • Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies

    bvogt@uccs.edu  |  719-255-5146 |  COLU 2011
            Ph.D., Arizona State University 
            M.A., Arizona State University
            B.A., University of Missouri 
    Area of Interest: Lightning/Landscape interactions, Geomorphology, GIS

  • Professor of Languages and Cultures Department, Director/Professor of Visual and Performing Arts - Film Studies

    rvondass@uccs.edu  |  719-255-3562 |  DWIR 247B
            Ph.D., University of California 
            M.A., University of California
            B.A., University of California 
    Area of Interest: Film Theory; International Film


  • Professor of Sociology, Associate Vice Chancellor for Inclusion and Academic Engagement

    kwarner@uccs.edu  |  719-255-3203 |  MAIN 318
            Ph.D., University of California
            M.A. in Sociology, University of California
            M.A. in Planning and Community Development, University of Colorado at Denver
            B.A., Haverford College 
    Area of Interest: Urban Sociology; Chicano Community; Globalization and Development

  • Assistant Professor of History

    ywei@uccs.edu |  719-255-8103 | COLU 1009
            Ph.D., Harvard University  
            M.A., University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
            B.A., Nanjing University
    Area of Interest: Classical thought in early China to political history of the People's Republic of China with a focus on the late imperial period (the Ming-Qing dynasties, 1368-1911) 

  • Associate Professor and Director of Visual and Performing Arts- Music

    gwhitehe@uccs.edu  |  719-255-5134 | UHAL 230
            D.M.A., University of California, San Diego 
            M.A., University of California, San Diego
            B.Mus., New England Conservatory of Music
    Area of Interest: Creative Music Rendering with Inter Arts and Multimedia Applications

  • Instructor/Coordinator of Student Affairs in Higher Education Program

    pwitkows@uccs.edu  |  719-255-4339 |  COLU 3042
            Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado 
            M.A., University of Maryland
            B.A., Occidental College 
    Area of Interest: Intercultural Competence of Study Abroad Experiences in Students

  • Assistant Professor of History and Women's and Ethnic Studies

    cwoodall@uccs.edu |  719-255-3768 |  COLU 2045
            Ph.D., New York University  
            M.A., Bosphorus University  
            B.A., Southwestern University
    Area of Interest: Modern Middle East History